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830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM

830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM

830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM
830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM
830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, P.R.C.
Brand Name: Basda Medical
Certification: CE, ISO13485
Model Number: BPT-48
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 60 Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300 Machines per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Relative Light Output Of Crystal: 35% Crystal Temperature Stability: 5%
No. Of Photoelectric Multiplier Tubes Per Block: 768 Crystals Per Detector Block: 768
Number Of Detector Rings: 48 Loops Detector Ring Diameter: 830mm
High Light:

830mm Detector Positron Emissions Tomographie


48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie


SiPM Positron Emitting Tomography

PET-CT Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography

Product Description


The CT gantry construction is made up of a very solid and sturdy aluminum casting for both stator and rotor. Moreover, the gantry rotate bearing and rotate drive components are integrated in a way to ensure the scanner’s rigidness and stability. During rotation, the stator and rotor has minimum vibration, deformation and jitter in all directions. Therefore, the stability of the scanner allows the X-Ray tube focal spot to be accurately aligned to the center of the detector which accurately locates the X-Ray beam distribution across the detector to guarantee the image quality.



Zero Deformation:
Virtually no deformation is occurring with the Detector Channels during rotation due to the rigidity of the rotor. The stability of the detector subsystem allows for stable, consistent and accurate image generation.


Zero Vibration:
The vibration measured at a rotational speed of 0.5 s/360°, is less than 0.3 mm/s. This is achieved by the rigidity of the stator and rotor designs.



PET Detector


The PET detector in the BPT-48 PET/ CT is designed and manufactured by Basda Medical Appratus Co., Ltd.


The uniquely integrated SiPM-BGO detector can guarantee the highest image quality.


With progressively mature SiPM technology and constantly reducing prices, SiPM has been more and more applied in the development of PET, PET/CT and PET/MR products. Up to now only 3 commercialized PET systems based on SiPM have been developed in the world: GE Signa PET/MR, Philips Vereos PET/CT, and MinFound BPT-48 PET/CT. The MinFound BPT-48 PET/CT is the first one and also the only PET/CT product based on SiPM-BGO detector in the world, and it has numerous advantages compared with the existing PET/CT products.



BGO is a kind of widely applied PET detector crystal material currently, this is because it has high detection efficiency for 511-keV gamma ray and is free from background radiation and has low price. Most of the PET/CT products worldwide currently (especially in China) are made based on BGO crystals. SiPM can greatly enhance photoelectric detection efficiency for the BGO crystals. Compared with traditional PMT-BGO detectors, the SiPM-BGO detectors can obtain much better energy resolution and time resolution, especially when the SiPM and BGO crystals are coupled by 1:1, the image uniformity and spatial resolution in the PET system will be greatly enhanced.


  • Transaxial resolution at 1cm: 3.5mm
  • Spatial resolution at 10cm radially: 4.0mm
  • Spatial resolution at 10cm tangentially: 4.0mm
  • Axial resolution at 1cm: 4.5mm
  • Axial resolution at 10cm: 4.5mm
  • System sensitivity at the center: 9700cps/MBq
  • System sensitivity at 10cm to the center: 9700cps/MBq


Much lower dose technology and much lower equipment procurement and operation costs



PET technology is developed towards much higher sensitivity, much lower dose and much lower price. BGO outperforms the existing fast crystals (LYSO, LSO or LFS) in the above-mentioned three aspects. Compared with the BGO, the fast crystals usually have much lower detection efficiency (causing much lower sensitivity), and the existence of background radiation is not suitable for low dose scanning (image quality in the PET system of fast crystals under low dose conditions will be affected by the background radiation); and the most important thing is that the fast crystals are so expensive that they are 3-4 times of BGO prices.


  • Total number of crystals: 29184
  • Crystal dimensions: 4×4×30 mm
  • Number of detector blocks: 38
  • Detectors per ring: 608
  • Crystal afterglow time: 300ns
  • Crystal radioactivity: None
  • Relative light output of crystal (calculated by 100% of Nal crystal): 35%
  • Crystal temperature stability: 5% (changed within 0-50℃) 
  • Number of photoelectric multiplier tubes per block (number of SiPM): 768
  • Crystals per detector block: 768
  • Number of detector rings: 48 loops
  • Detector ring diameter: 830mm


Parameters of PET system acquisition and processing performance


  • Provide multiple acquisition modes: Static and multibed (dynamic, gated optional)
  • Coincidence window: 12ns
  • Conform to time resolution: 6000ps
  • 3D acquisition frames conform to sensitivity (NEMA2001): 9700cps/MBq
  • Lower limit of energy acquisition window: 375keV
  • Upper limit of energy acquisition window: 650keV
  • Number of image slices in each bed: 48/96 slices
  • Slice thickness: 4.2/2.1mm
  • PET image reconstruction matrix: The highest is 336×336 as visual field changes


PET Parameters of PET system performances


  • Transaxial FOV: 700mm (maximum)
  • Aperture: 700mm
  • Axial FOV: 201.6mm
  • Count rate peak NECR: 55kcps (activity concentration of 7 - 12kBq/ml)
  • Peak value of system real count rate: 170 kcps (activity concentration no less than 9kBq/ml)
  • The maximum relative count error: 15% (activity concentration less than the activity concentration of the system reaching the peak value of the noise equivalent count rate)
  • Energy resolution in 3D acquisition system FWHM (NEMA2001): 25%
  • System scatter fraction: 36%
  • X ray attenuation correction: Provided

830mm Detector 48 Loops Positron Emissions Tomographie PET CT SiPM 0


Advantages of Cooperation with Basda Medical



1. China’s "National High-tech Enterprise"


2. China’s most MRI registration certificates company with manufacture history of more than 20 years


3. The core technical staffs at Basda are the one of the earliest technical teams engaging in medical magnetic resonance R&D in China.


4. Developed the world’s first open type 0.5T Superconductive MRI in 2009


5. Successfully developed and commercialized the 2nd specialized extremity 0.2T Permanent MRI which expanded the company product line from extremity to whole body, from human to veterinary


6. Successfully developed and commercialized the first 1.2T Superconductive MRI


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