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Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180

Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180

Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180
Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180
Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: NMPA
Model Number: BDH-180
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10 Sets per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: SPECT # Of Detector: 2
Detector FOV: 360mm×500mm Usage: Full Body
Table: Automatic Crystal: Sodium Iodide
Control: Remote Energy Range: 50-400keV
High Light:

Remote Control SPECT CT Machine


Dual Head SPECT CT Machine


3D Full Body spect scan machine

BDH-180 Single-Photon Emission CT SPECT dual head 3D full body application remote control easy rig detector carts 





Large, rectangular high-resolution digital detector


Multi-functional examination table for different angles of examination


Comprehensive clinical process TCP and report system


Intelligent design for easy operation



Our Company Profile


  • As a leading domestic medical technology and digital solutions innovator, Basda Medical was established since 2000. Located in Shenzhen, the frontier city of China’s “reform and opening up”, Basda Medical has emerged and developed as a national high-tech company focusing on R&D, production, trading, and services relating to medical imaging, digital solutions and radiotherapy products.


  • Basda Medical won numerous honors and was qualified as "National High-tech Enterprise", “Second Place of National Technology Invention", "Key Hi-tech Enterprise of State Torch Program", "First Place of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award", "Provincial High Field MRI System Engineering and Technology R&D Center", "Shenzhen Technology Innovation Award", “Intellectual Property Management System”, etc.. Furthermore, numerous technology innovation and projects gained financial support and partnering from major investment institutions, national and regional government.


  • With a decades-long track record of delivering high quality, high-tech products and excellent service, our markets cover all domestic provinces and more than 40 countries and regions globally ranging from Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, to Asia.


Remote Control Dual Head 3D Full Body SPECT CT Machine BDH-180 0


Configurations of Single photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)
No Specification
1 Detector
1.1 Detector number 2 pc,full digital,rectangle
1.2 Detector FOV 360mm×500mm
1.3 Photomultiplier 55×2
1.4 Crystal Sodium iodide,thickness: 9.5mm
1.5 Energy range 50keV~400keV
1.6 Inherent energy resolution (99mTc) ≤9.9%
1.7 Inherent space resolution
1.7.1 Central FOV(FWHM) ≤3.5mm
1.7.2 Central FOV(FWTM) ≤6.5mm
1.7.3 Effective FOV(FWHM) ≤3.5mm
1.7.4 Effective FOV(FWTM) ≤6.5mm
1.8 Intrinsic uniformity
1.8.1 Central FOV(differential ) ≤2.2%
1.8.2 Central FOV(integral) ≤3.0%
1.8.3 Effective FOV(differential) ≤2.5%
1.8.4 Effective FOV(integral) ≤3.0%
1.9 Inherent lineation
1.9.1 Differential lineation(Central FOV) ≤0.7mm
1.9.2 Differential lineation(effective FOV) ≤1.0mm
1.9.3 Absolute linearity (Central FOV) ≤2.0mm
1.9.4 Absolute linearity (effective FOV) ≤2.0mm
1.10 Maximum count rate (@ window width 20%) 130 kcps
1.11 System resolution (low energy high collimator) ≤8.0mm
1.12 System sensitivity (low energy high resolution collimator) ≥71cpm/μCi
1.13 Planar sensitivity difference between detectors ≤5%
1.14 System space resolution(low energy high resolution collimator, FWHM)
1.14.1 Axial direction 9.0mm
1.14.2 Agittal direction 12.0mm
1.14.3 Tangential direction 10.0mm
1.15 Detector movement

Rotation: 90 º

Up-down: 200mm

1.16 Aver. Rotation center offset

≤2.5mm(low energy general collimator)

≤3mm(low energy high resolution collimator)

2 Gantry
2.1 Weight(without collimator) ≤2300kg
2.2 Bore ≥64cm
2.3 Rotation
2.3.1 Rotation range


From -45 º~180 º

2.3.2 Min. rotation speed ≤0.040RPM
2.3.3 Rotation precision ≤1º
2.4 Position monitor 12” color screen
2.5 Patient safe belt Yes
2.6 Gantry type None cantilever type
2.7 Control box 1 pc
2.8 Gantry accessories
2.8.1 Supporting structure 1 pc
2.8.2 Turn plate 1 pc
2.8.3 Motion control system 1 set
2.8.4 Power cabinet 1 set
3 Patient table
3.1 Table material Attenuation ≤10%
3.2 Weight capacity 0~135kg
3.3 Scan range ≥190cm
3.4 Position precision ≤2mm
3.5 Vertical movement range 1140mm~650mm
3.6 Horizontal movement
3.6.1 Max. speed ≥30cm/min
3.6.2 Min. speed ≤12cm/min
3.7 Vertical movement speed 20mm/s
3.8 Head support 1 pc
3.9 Table support 1 set
3.10 Motor 2 set
4 Collimator  
4.1 Low energy high resolution type collimator (Standard) 2 pc
4.1.1 Low energy high resolution collimator weight ≤35kg per unit
4.2 High energy general type collimator (optional) 2 pc
4.2.1 High energy general type collimator weight ≤75kg/unit
4.3 Low energy general type collimator (optional) 2 pc
4.3.1 Low energy general type collimator weight ≤50kg/unit
4.4 Collimator replacement device 1 pc for each collimator
5 Acquisition workstation
5.1 OS Windows
5.2 CPU ≥2.8GHz
5.3 RAM ≥2GB
5.4 HDD ≥320GB
5.5 Monitor ≥19”
5.6 Recorder CRW/DVD
5.7 Keyboard and mouse 1 pc
5.8 DICOM3.0 Yes
6 Post processing workstation
6.1 OS Windows
6.2 CPU ≥2.8GHz
6.3 RAM ≥2GB
6.4 HDD ≥320GB
6.5 Monitor ≥19”
6.6 Recorder CRW/DVD
6.7 Keyboard and mouse 1 pc
6.8 DICOM3.0 Yes
7 Software function
7.1 Language English
7.1.1 Static collection Yes
7.1.2 Whole body scan acquisition Yes
7.1.3 Dynamic collection Yes
7.1.4 Section Yes
7.2 General image display and analysis Yes
7.2.1 Zoom in, zoom out, copy Yes
7.2.2 Image filter Yes
7.2.3 Cine function Yes
7.2.4 ROI establish, display and statistics Yes
7.2.5 Palette function Yes
7.2.6 Window width/level Yes
7.3 Curve computing software Yes
7.3.1 Time radioactive curve Yes
7.3.2 Image mathematical function Yes
7.3.3 Measurement function Yes
7.4 Organ function analysis
7.4.1 Bone imaging and analysis Yes
7.4.2 Bone sectional imaging analysis Yes
7.4.3 Full body imaging and analysis Yes
7.4.4 Thyroid imaging and analysis Yes
7.4.5 Thyroid sampling and quantitative analysis Yes
7.4.6 General image display and processing function Yes
7.5 Renal function analysis
7.5.1 Basic analysis Yes
7.5.2 Dynamic analysis Yes
7.5.3 Static analysis Yes
7.5.4 GFR glomerular filtration rate analysis Yes
7.5.5 Renal perfusion analysis Yes
7.5.6 Left/right renal clearance rate analysis Yes
7.6 Reconstruction  
7.6.1 Transversal reconstruction Yes
7.6.2 Sagittal reconstruction Yes
7.6.3 Coronal reconstruction Yes
7.6.4 Customized cardiac sectional reconstruction Yes
7.7 Report system English
7.7.1 User information management system Yes
7.7.2 Image printing software Yes
7.8 Quality control software English
7.8.1 Pixel size adjustment function Yes
7.8.2 Automatic gain correction function Yes
7.8.3 Energy correction function Yes
7.8.4 Linearity correction function Yes
7.8.5 Uniformity correction function Yes
8 Quality control
8.1 QC phantom Yes
8.2 Source Yes
8.3 User manual Yes
8.4 Free software upgrading Yes

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