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Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI

Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI

Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI
Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI
Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: ISO13485
Model Number: Bstar-150F
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 30-45 Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 Machines per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Machine Type: Bore Field Strength: 1.5T
RF: Dual Transmit Liquid Helium: 0 Liter
Water-fat Separation: Yes Shielding Method: Active
High Light:

Liquid Helium Free Superconducting MRI Scanner


1.5T Superconducting MRI Scanner


Zero Helium Open MRI

Basda Launched Liquid Helium-Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI Scanner

Recently, Basda has announced the launch of the helium-free 1.5T superconducting MR that helps solve the problem of global liquid helium shortage. Generally, a conventional 1.5T superconducting MRI requires nearly 1,000 Liter of liquid helium to operate normally. Our product hence becomes China's first MR system to enable helium-free operations, reducing the chance of potentially lengthy, costly, and even deadly disruptions, and virtually eliminating the dependency on a commodity with an unpredictable supply.

  • Main Field strength:1.5T
  • Receiving Coil: Phase Array Coils
  • Comprehensive scanning sequences
  • Advanced imaging techniques and clinical application
  • Zero consumption of liquid helium
Magnet sub system

Bstar-150 true helium free magnet has 9 advantages.


1) Liquid helium is NO needed at all (0L).

2) No risk of frostbite or asphyxiation for both doctors and patients.

3) With the function of automatic ramping down in case of power failure and automatic ramping up when power is restored.

4)With cloud interconnection technology, the magnet status can be viewed remotely through cell phone and the magnet can be operated remotely such as ramping up and ramping down.

5) Can be installed in any country or region, completely free from the influence of liquid helium supply.

6) No need to configure quench pipe like the traditional 1.5T, which maximizes the safety of patients and surrounding residents.
7) Lower service tower(red arrow) height ease the site selection.

8) It is not dangerous article, so all kind of shipping (by air, by sea or by road) are all possible.

9) A new magnet architecture platform with modular design and higher integration, the magnet can be automatically recovered within a short period of time after quench, without the need for professional engineers to arrive on site.

Gradient sub system



Gradient sub system directly determines the spatial encoding of MRI system, it produces the signal information, at the same time it can perform GR series sequence scanning, it is the foundation of MRI system’s spatial resolution ability, gradient sub system also directly affect the scanning image thin slice scanning.


Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI 0


The linearity of gradient system of MRI system determine the accuracy of spatial location information, ensuring that in any acquisition, the image distortion is limited.


Gradient switching rate is an important factor of MRI scanning speed. Bstar-150 using the self-shielding gradient coil and high duty cycle gradient amplifier system, together with eddy elimination technology and design, can avoid the eddy current between the metal shielding layers, raise up the spatial encoding ability of the magnetic resonance signal and make the scan more precise, ensure high resolution image quality.


During superconducting MRI scans, the noise is much bigger than permanent MRI systems, and staying in a closed environment, the patient is easy to fall into tension. Bstar-150’s gradient sub system adopts special hardware noise reduction design technology, the gradient noise is reduced to 2/3, provide patients with friendly scanning environment.


The gradient system is equipped with automatic detection function, if the temperature is too high, the system can intelligently stop the scanning, to protection of hardware from being damaged.


The system use water chiller to produce a stable running condition.



Comparison between Helium free 1.5T magnet and Traditional 1.5T magnet


    BASDA Helium free 1.5T magnet Traditional 1.5T magnet
Magnet character
1 Year launched in market 2020 before 2000
2 Helium capacity 0 800-2000L
3 Cooling method Coils connect to cold head directly, no helium Coils merge in liquid helium
4 Min. shielding room height 2500mm >2900mm
5 Magnet service tower Highly integrated Discrete
6 Inner pressure after quench Normal pressure Very high pressure(danger)
7 Restore from quench <2.5 days, automatic >10 days, site engineer necessary
8 Maintenance cost Lose 0 liquid helium when quench Lose ALL(800L-2000L) liquid helium when quench
9 Cost after quench 0 dollar 125,000 dollar
10 Local helium supplier No need Necessary
11 Liquid helium refill period Never Need refill in around 3-5 years
12 Magnet control Inteligent "One touch" Operator can not control
13 User experience Relax Always worry for power cut and liquid helium
14 Magnet transportation All ways(by sea or land or air) By sea or land only



Interactive environment

1, Motor-driven patient table.

2, Built-in-magnet high resolution 8-inch screen, the operation is convenient.

3, Have emergency stop function, protect the patients.

4, High positioning accuracy.

5, Support operation on both sides of the magnet, convenient and quick.


Water chiller set

Intelligent touch screen design, visual operation, and be convenient for maintenance.  

1, automatic overheating, leaking, fault detection, safe and reliable.

2, one key recovery function.

3, config with a set of spare water chilling unit, no need to have any worry about the system downtime.

Rich coil configuration
The Receiver coil, together with parallel acquisition technology, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and image quality. The customer can choose according to the clinical needs (specific configuration of the coil number and types will be subject to final contract).
  • Head coil
  • Neck coil
  • Body coil
  • Knee coil
  • Shoulder coil
  • Ankle coil
  • Wrist coil
  • Breast coil
  • AIT coil set
Liquid Helium Free 1.5T Superconducting MRI 1

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