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76cm Hole 30 Degree Tilt 5.3MHU 16 Slice CT Scan Machine

76cm Hole 30 Degree Tilt 5.3MHU 16 Slice CT Scan Machine

76cm Hole 30 Degree Tilt  5.3MHU 16 Slice CT Scan Machine
76cm Hole 30 Degree Tilt  5.3MHU 16 Slice CT Scan Machine
76cm Hole 30 Degree Tilt  5.3MHU 16 Slice CT Scan Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: ISO 13485
Model Number: BCT-16
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Slices: 16 Hole: 76cm
Tube: 5.3MHU CT Value Range: -1024 To 3071
Noise: ≤0.35%(30mGy) CT Value Accuracy: Air:-1000±10HU; Water:0±4HU
High Light:

5.3MHU 16 slice CT Scan Machine


76cm Hole 16 Slice CT Scan Machine


5.3MHU 16 slice ct scanner

CT scan,Computed Tomography system,16 slices detector,30 degree tilt, motor table

BCT-16 Introduction


  • BCT - 16 is a new 16 slice spiral CT scanner that BASDA company introduced in 2016, the system includes the industry's top technology, it can produce high-definition images, it has rich software function, meets the demand of the hospital for large daily patient flow, it has the major characteristics include:
  • The image chain of BCT-16 adopts mature technologies, the integrity of the system is balanced and strong.




5 core components all originally imported


NO. Name Brand Origin
2 High-voltage generator Spellman USA
3 Detector FMI USA
4 Slip ring Moog USA
5 Bearing Franke Germany

There is no doubt that the quality of the core components is one of the key factors for a CT System to ensure the high quality of images and the high reliability of computed tomography (CT) scanner.




1. X-Ray Tube
  • BCT-16 X-Ray Tube is manufactured by DUNLEE of America and it is the latest and most widely used multi-slice CT tube recognized in the CT industry today. Now DUNLEE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philips.
  • With a max anode heat storage of 5.3 MHU and a max anode heat-dissipation rate of 815 KHU/min, the tube can fully meet the wide range of scanning requirements with longer scan times and higher patient throughput.


2. High-voltage generator
  • The high-voltage generator of BCT-16 is manufactured by Spellman High Voltage of America. Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation is the world’s leader and producer of high voltage power supplies and X-Ray Generators.
  • The 50 kW Generator can produce a maximum current of 420 mA and a maximum voltage of 140 kV. BCT-16 can meet the requirements for scanning the “larger” patients. The minimum current is 10 mA which can be used for low dose scans when scanning children or regular health check-up.



3. Detector
  • BASDA MEDICAL Co., Ltd is the first company in China who has fully developed and designed our own CT Detectors. BASDA MEDICAL also owns the intellectual property for all of our CT detectors designs.
  • BCT-16 detector is 24 rows, 16-slice non-isometric detector. The number of detector elements in each row is 912 which is the most in the same grade. The total number of elements in the detector assembly is 21888. The minimum slice thickness is 0.6 mm and the detector width in the Z axis direction is 19.2 mm.
  • BCT-16 detector design is very precise and robust and will insure reliability during high-speed rotations of the gantry. The detector design fully meets all of the EMC/EMI shielding requirements. The detector is also designed to prevent any light leaks. Meeting these requirements reduces the risk of having any noise that could introduce image artifacts.
4. Slip ring
  • BCT-16 is equipped with a custom made slip ring manufactured by MOOG USA for the transmission of power, control signals and data. MOOG is a global company that specializes in designing and manufacturing precision slip rings.
  • MOOG is the world’s leader in slip ring manufacturing and offers more than 10,000 slip ring designs that are used in medical equipment ranging from large CT scanners to smaller camera systems as well as rugged space and aircraft vehicles.
5. Bearing
  • BCT-16 uses a highly precision gantry rotary bearing that is manufactured by Franke GmbH located in Germany. The Franke bearing designs are able to meet the rigorous requirements of military and aerospace applications.
  • Zero Tolerance: The design and integration of the rotate bearing, rotor casting and the rotor motor control subsystem are designed to have very tight tolerances and very smooth and repeatable operation that allows the system to produce superb image quality.
  • Zero Jitter: The rotate bearing implements a preload design that effectively eliminates any axial and radial run outs which effectively eliminates any jitter or vibrations.
6. The integrated casting of stator and rotor
  • The gantry construction is made up of a very solid and sturdy aluminum casting for both stator and rotor. The gantry rotate bearing and rotate drive components are integrated in a way to ensure the scanner’s rigidness and stability.
  • During rotation, the stator and rotor has minimum vibration, deformation and jitter in all directions.
  • Therefore, the stability of the scanner allows the X-Ray tube focal spot to be accurately aligned to the center of the detector which accurately locates the X-Ray beam distribution across the detector to guarantee the image quality.
  • Zero Deformation: Virtually no deformation is occurring with the Detector Channels during rotation due to the rigidity of the rotor. The stability of the detector subsystem allows for stable, consistent and accurate image generation.
  • Zero Vibration: The vibration measured at a rotational speed of 0.5 s/360°, is less than 0.3 mm/s. This is achieved by the rigidity of the stator and rotor designs.





BCT-16 specification



No. Item Specification
1 Gantry  
1.1 Patient Opening 76cm
1.2 Gantry Driven Type Motor-driven
1.3 Tilt Capability ±30°
1.4 Gantry Remote-Control Yes
1.5 Detector Type GOS high-definition solid detector
1.6 Distance of Focus-Isocenter 570mm
1.7 Numbers of Detector Rows 24
1.8 Width of Z-Axle Detector 20mm
1.9 Detector Columns of Channels per Row 864
1.10 Numbers of Detector Columns 27648
1.11 Slice Number 16
1.12 DAS Column Number 55296
1.13 DAS Acquisition Modes 32×0.625mm
1.14 Data-Transfer Type RF,optical fiber communication
1.15 3D Laser Orientation Provided
1.16 Automatic Exposure Control Provided
1.17 Auto-Voice Function Yes
2 Scan Parameter  
2.1 Shortest 360 Degree Rotation Time 0.5s
2.2 Allowed Rotation Times



2.3 Slice Numbers of Rotation 32
2.4 Minimum Scan Slice Thickness 0.625mm
2.5 Minimum Reconstruction Thickness 0.625mm
2.6 Maximum Scan Slice Thickness 10mm
2.7 Reconstruction Slice Thickness 0.625mm
2.8 Speed of Image Reconstruction 40 frames/s
2.9 Scan FOV 50cm
2.10 Max. Image Reconstruction Matrix 1024×1024
2.11 Max. Image Display Matrix 1024×1024
2.12 Maximum Continuous Scan Duration 100s
2.13 Maximum Continuous Scan Length 1950mm
2.14 Range of Pitch 0.13-1.5
2.15 Scan Mode Scout Scan
Axial Scan
Helical Scan
Cine Scan
3 HV generator and Tube  
3.1 Maximum Output Power of Generator 50kW
3.2 Tube kV Selections



3.3 Tube mA Range 10~420mA
3.4 Tube Heat Capacity 5.3MHu
3.5 Heat Dissipation Rate 815 kHU/min
3.6 Type of Cooling Oil cooling + Air cooling
3.7 Tube Focus



3.8 Flying Focal Spot Technology Provided
3.9 mA Modulation Technology Provided
4 Patient Table  
4.1 Can Position Outside of Scan Room Yes
4.2 Laser Position System Accuracy ±1mm
4.3 Maximum Horizontal Movable Range 1950mm
4.4 Table Horizontal Scan Range 1850mm
4.5 Table accuracy 0.25mm
4.6 Table Vertical Movable Range 425~990mm
4.7 Maximum Speed of Vertical Movement 16.5mm/s
4.8 Maximum Speed of Horizontal Movement 5 mm/s ~ 160 mm/s ±3%
4.9 Maximum Patient Weight 250kg
4.10 Foot Pedal of Table Optional
5 Image Quality  
5.1 High Contrast Resolution


(0% MTF)

5.2 Low Contrast Resolution



5.3 Isotropic Imaging Resolution 0.3mm
5.4 Range of CT Value -1000~+1000
5.5 Image Noise ≤70dB
6 Computer  
6.1 CPU 4coreX3.5Hz
6.2 Memory 32GB
6.3 Storage of Hard-Disk 5TB
6.4 Monitor 24’’ LCD Monitor
6.5 Resolution of Monitor 1920 x 1200
6.6 Image-Data External Storage Type CD/DVD/USB
6.7 DICOM 3.0 Provided
6.8 Worklist Provided
6.9 3D Post-Processing MPR,CPR,SSD,MIP,VR,CTA
6.10 Contrast Agent Automatically Tracking and Trigger Technology Provided
6.11 X-ray intelligent control technology Provided
6.12 Maximum CTA Scan Range 1850mm
6.13 Beam Artifacts Correction Technology Provided
6.14 Posterior Fossa Image Optimization Technology Provided
6.15 Metal Artifacts Algorithm Provided
6.16 Scalpel Simulate Technology Provided
6.17 Child Mode Provided



1 Console CPU 1
Standard mouse and keyboard 1
2 Power adaptor   1
3 CT voice control system   1
4 Gantry Laser light 1
Control system 1
Detector 1
Tube 1
HV generator 1
5 Cable   1
6 Table   1
7 Table mattress   1
8 Head support   1
9 Knee support   1
10 Forehead belt   1
11 Mandible belt (L size)   1
12 Mandible belt (S size)   1
13 Abdomen – thorax belt   1
14 Abdomen – thorax belt (S size 1)   1
15 Abdomen – thorax belt (S size 2)   1
16 Operating manual   1
17 Phantom   1
18 Phantom support   1

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