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BASDA Medical 76cm 5.3MHU 32 Slice Ct Scan Machine

BASDA Medical 76cm 5.3MHU 32 Slice Ct Scan Machine

BASDA Medical 76cm 5.3MHU 32 Slice Ct Scan Machine
BASDA Medical 76cm 5.3MHU 32 Slice Ct Scan Machine
BASDA Medical 76cm 5.3MHU 32 Slice Ct Scan Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: ISO 13485
Model Number: BCT-32
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Slices: 32 Hole: 76cm
Tube: 5.3MHU RotationTime: 0.5S
DASColumnNumber: 55296 AutoVoiceFunction: Yes
High Light:

5.3MHU 32 slice ct scan machine


76cm 32 slice ct scan machine


5.3MHU medical scanning machine

BCT - 32


CT scan,Computed Tomography system,32 slices detector,76cm,5.3MHU


   •  BCT - 32 is a new 32 slice spiral CT scanner that BASDA company introduced in 2016, the system includes the industry's top technology, it can produce high-definition images, it has rich software function, meets the demand of the hospital for large daily patient flow, it has the major characteristics include:


   •  The image chain of BCT-32 adopts mature technologies, the integrity of the system is balanced and strong.


    The system config the industry's leading dynamic real-time zooming technology and real 3D cone parallel reconstruction technology, so that the system can get the aperture expanded and at the same time get high definition image and leading high resolution image quality.


BCT-32 includes below high-lighted technologies and features:


Mature and stable large heat capacity tube


   •  This tube can meet the demand of large patient flow and complex scanning, in the meantime, guarantee the system operating costs under control.


Dynamic reconstruction convolution technology based on FOV


    Dynamic reconstruction convolution technology based on FOV can real-time match the algorithm along with the different field of view to ensure different tissues have an optimal effect in the images, this technology is similar as the digital camera, ensures that the users can dynamically capture the best photos.


  1. The upper left and right image are identical and replace them with a better patient body image generated by our CT at FOV of 50cm, 45cm or 40cm, whichever is appropriate.
  2. The lower left image was just cut off the upper left image into half in size and enlarge by factor 2 to get the same size but blurred image.
  3. Replace the blank blue block with the image reconstructed at half FOV of the upper right image, using the image matrix dimension 512x512 identical to that of the upper right image.
  4. As such, the point of dynamic reconstruction kernel can be illustrated.


Intelligent mA tracking technology


     On the premise of the quality of the image guaranteed, the system can automatically adjusts the output tube current in Z axis direction and X axis direction. Intelligent mA tracking technology can reduce about 40% radiation dose.


Parallel 3D cone beam reconstruction technology


     Integrated parallel computing reconstruction based on true 3D cone beam, the final image is closer to the true tissue, the image is clearer.


iDream tensor iteration low-dose technology


76 cm aperture design


     Place the patients at ease and comfortable.


No. Item Specification
1 Gantry  
1.1 Patient Opening 76cm
1.2 Gantry Driven Type Motor-driven
1.3 Tilt Capability ±30°
1.4 Gantry Remote-Control Yes
1.5 Detector Type GOS high-definition solid detector
1.6 Distance of Focus-Isocenter 570mm
1.7 Numbers of Detector Rows 32
1.8 Width of Z-Axle Detector 20mm
1.9 Detector Columns of Channels per Row 864
1.10 Numbers of Detector Columns 27648
1.11 Slice Number 32
1.12 DAS Column Number 55296
1.13 DAS Acquisition Modes 32×0.625mm
1.14 Data-Transfer Type RF,optical fiber communication
1.15 3D Laser Orientation Provided
1.16 Automatic Exposure Control Provided
1.17 Auto-Voice Function Yes
2 Scan Parameter  
2.1 Shortest 360 Degree Rotation Time 0.5s
2.2 Allowed Rotation Times



2.3 Slice Numbers of Rotation 32
2.4 Minimum Scan Slice Thickness 0.625mm
2.5 Minimum Reconstruction Thickness 0.625mm
2.6 Maximum Scan Slice Thickness 10mm
2.7 Reconstruction Slice Thickness 0.625mm
2.8 Speed of Image Reconstruction 40 frames/s
2.9 Scan FOV 50cm
2.10 Max. Image Reconstruction Matrix 1024×1024
2.11 Max. Image Display Matrix 1024×1024
2.12 Maximum Continuous Scan Duration 100s
2.13 Maximum Continuous Scan Length 1950mm
2.14 Range of Pitch 0.13-1.5
2.15 Scan Mode Scout Scan
Axial Scan
Helical Scan
Cine Scan
3 HV generator and Tube  
3.1 Maximum Output Power of Generator 50kW
3.2 Tube kV Selections



3.3 Tube mA Range 10~420mA
3.4 Tube Heat Capacity 5.3MHu
3.5 Heat Dissipation Rate 815 kHU/min
3.6 Type of Cooling Oil cooling + Air cooling
3.7 Tube Focus



3.8 Flying Focal Spot Technology Provided
3.9 mA Modulation Technology Provided
4 Patient Table  
4.1 Can Position Outside of Scan Room Yes
4.2 Laser Position System Accuracy ±1mm
4.3 Maximum Horizontal Movable Range 1950mm
4.4 Table Horizontal Scan Range 1850mm
4.5 Table accuracy 0.25mm
4.6 Table Vertical Movable Range 425~990mm
4.7 Maximum Speed of Vertical Movement 16.5mm/s
4.8 Maximum Speed of Horizontal Movement 5 mm/s ~ 160 mm/s ±3%
4.9 Maximum Patient Weight 250kg
4.10 Foot Pedal of Table Optional
5 Image Quality  
5.1 High Contrast Resolution


(0% MTF)

5.2 Low Contrast Resolution



5.3 Isotropic Imaging Resolution 0.3mm
5.4 Range of CT Value -1000~+1000
5.5 Image Noise ≤70dB
6 Computer  
6.1 CPU 4coreX3.5Hz
6.2 Memory 32GB
6.3 Storage of Hard-Disk 5TB
6.4 Monitor 24’’ LCD Monitor
6.5 Resolution of Monitor 1920 x 1200
6.6 Image-Data External Storage Type CD/DVD/USB
6.7 DICOM 3.0 Provided
6.8 Worklist Provided
6.9 3D Post-Processing MPR,CPR,SSD,MIP,VR,CTA
6.10 Contrast Agent Automatically Tracking and Trigger Technology Provided
6.11 X-ray intelligent control technology Provided
6.12 Maximum CTA Scan Range 1850mm
6.13 Beam Artifacts Correction Technology Provided
6.14 Posterior Fossa Image Optimization Technology Provided
6.15 Metal Artifacts Algorithm Provided
6.16 Scalpel Simulate Technology Provided
6.17 Child Mode Provided

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