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CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50

CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50

  • CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50
  • CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50
CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, P.R.C.
Brand Name: Basda Medical
Certification: CE, ISO13485
Model Number: BTF-50
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 Work Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300 Machines per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Dynamic Detector: DDR+CCD
Material: CsI Tube: FROM VARIAN
Pixel Size: 139um Space Resolution: ≥3.6LP/mm
High Light:

CCD DDR Digital X Ray Machine


139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine


CCD DDR digital x ray equipment

Product Description


Digital R&F System

  • Static: FPD
  • Dynamic: CCD
  • Large field of view and high pixels
  • High quality HV generator
  • Advanced image acquisition and processing software
  • Stylish and sophisticated diagnostic bed, realize wide application
  • With various functions, e.g. spot photography, fluoroscopy gastrointestinal contrast imaging. etc


Image acquisition workstation

  • Self-developed software, easy operation with abundant functions including patient registration, image acquisition, cutting, negative images, overturn, rotation, zooming, label, translation, window-width & level adjustment,
  • DICOM images sending, DICOM film print, Wordlist, statistical query, etc., very simple and easy operation.
  • Also supports PACS/RIS.




  • Use tube with large heat capacity, rotating anode ensures super long lifetime.

  • Dual focus, focus size: 0.6mm/1.2mm, meet the requirements of different body parts.



High voltage generator

  • Use HF high voltage generator, stable output current, guarantees clear images, reduces soft X-ray harm to patients, equipped with failure automatic detection software, integrated with rich exposure mode, convenient operation and stable performance.
  • It can monitor the tube in real-time and reach the best performance status, make sure low noise when image output.
  • Soft ray is a byproduct of X-ray. It affects image quality, causes harm to human body. High inverter frequency of high voltage generator is the fundamental resolution to reduce soft rays.
  • BASDA DR is equipped with HF high voltage generator, which reduces radiation effectively and ensures image quality.
  • Max. Tube current>630mA ensures image quality of all parts of human body.





  • A-Si material, clear images, high efficiency.
  • Flat panel detector is the core part of DR. It is related with both image quality & small lesions and the lifetime, stability and received dose of patients. BASDAD DR detector uses whole-plate design and technique, combines spatial resolution, contrast resolution and quantum noise to provide excellent images.
  • Fast image transmission technique.
  • Intelligent digital image acquisition processing technique, film by one simple press, adjust image parameters by one key, obtain clear images easily.
  • Super long lifetime
  • Adapt with various environment

CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50 0




No column integration design:

  • Compared with digital X-ray machine upgrade solution, BTF - 50 no need additional configuration of tablet bracket, the back of the rack uses embedded tube design, greatly save space of radiology room, minimum installation size to 4 m(length) * 2.8 m(width)* 2.6 m(high).
  • Automatic switching function of recursive noise level:
  • In order to solve the drag-and-tail phenomenon of moving organs, BTF-50 adopts the self-developed noise level automatic switching system.
  • The noise reduction levels are automatically adjust to the lower level, and the image is automatically adjusted to the high level when the image is static.





Medical dedicated megapixel camera:

  • The resolution of the medical megapixel camera reaches 2.0 Lp/mm, which is completely consistent with the conditions under perspective.

CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50 1

  • The clinical image in high resolution perspective mode, no shadow of puppet.



Optical system and aperture control system:

  • It is very important to realize the accuracy of the digital collection and image collection.
  • CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50 2
  • BTF - 50 config automatic aperture control, the precision has been reached the international leading level, with precision stepper motor driven, the system can output high accuracy non-contact laser pulse. High performance filter makes the image more uniform.

CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50 3

  • Precise step motor drive provides high precision aperture optimization, image spatial resolution is very high.




BTF-50 Technical specification

Number Item Technical specification
1 X-ray generator  
1.1 Maximum tube voltage 150kV
1.2 Maximum tube current 630mA
1.3 Input power 380V
1.4 APR function >800 groups
1.5 Output power 50kW
1.6 Inverter frequency 40kHz
1.9 Perspective mode continuous/pulse
1.10 Perspective tube mode 125kV
1.11 Zero point exposure technology Possess
1.12 Time range of exposure photograph:1ms-6300ms
2 X-ray tube set  
2.1 bifocus focus size 0.6 mm / 1.2mm
2.2 Tube voltage 40kV~150kV
2.3 Maximum positive pole thermal capacity 300kHU
2.4 Maximum tube cover thermal capacity 1250 kHU
2.5 Rotate positive pole speed Maximum 10000 turn/minute
2.6 Cooling method Air cooling
2.7 Maximum power ≥75kW
2.8 Beam limiter automatic/electronic
2.9 Automatic tracking function Possess
2.10 Range of movement Horizontal rotation≥45°
2.11 Exposure field Electrical adjust
3 Image enhance and CCD  
3.1 Image enhancer size 9 inch
3.2 FOV Visual three-field technique
3.3 resolution 2.0Lp/mm
3.4 Pixel matrix 1000x1000
3.5 Dynamic range 62dB
3.6 Frame rate 30frame/s
4 Gantry and control  
4.1 Maximum pressure of oppressor ≤100N
4.2 Single button switch dynamic/static photography Possess
4.3 Close-table touching screen Possess
4.4 Touching screen size 10 inch
4.5 Generator control panel 6 inch
5 Photography table  
5.1 Table size 2100mmX800mm
5.2 Horizontal movement 220mm±10mm
5.3 Vertical movement Maximum 740mm
5.4 Tube movement 1100mm-1800mm(electrical)
5.5 Table rotation -25°-90°
6 Photography work station configuration(collection and postprocessing)  
6.1 CPU ≥Core dual-core 3.0GHz
6.2 Operating system ≥Window2000/XP
6.3 Memory capacity ≥2GB
6.4 Hard disk capacity ≥500GB
6.5 CD-ROM drive ≥4.5GB
6.6 Display card resolution ≥2048×1536
6.7 Standard Ethernet card 100BaseT/1000BaseT
6.8 Image display screen ≥24"color display
7 Dynamic imaging processing system  
7.1 Imaging collection and postprocessing Possess
7.2 Perspective, spot film,image preview Possess
7.3 Manual automatic window width & window level Possess
7.4 Positive/negative display Possess
7.5 Image horizontal level and vertical level reversal Possess
7.6 Image rotation Possess
7.7 Image moving and zooming Possess
7.8 Image cut Possess
7.9 Contrast enhance Possess
7.10 image zooming Possess
7.11 R/L mark Possess
7.12 Image store Possess
7.13 Dynamic image save and review Possess
7.14 Simple, senior or user-defined data search Possess
7.15 Dicom standard image CD-ROM can be displayed on all standard image work station Possess
7.16 History image data search and management Possess
7.17 Disk space detection, old data check cleaning automatically Possess
7.18 Image sent via Dicom and seamless connect to PACS in hospital Possess
7.19 Dynamic range optimize Possess
7.20 automatic original image dynamic oppressor Possess
7.21 High-frequency image enhance Possess
7.22 Enhance image contrast technology Possess
7.23 Noise suppression Possess
7.24 Film printing Possess
7.25 Film property Possess
7.26 Image layout Possess
7.27 Printing method settings Manual/automatic quick type setting
7.28 Choose any network camera Possess
7.29 Patient information and user-defined display position settings Possess
7.30 DSA subtraction Possess
7.31 Subtraction collection speed Adjustable
8 Static image processing system  
8.1 Standing projection Possess
8.2 Lying projection Possess
8.3 Automatic image contrast enhance technology Possess
8.4 Organization balance technology Possess
8.5 Children exposure program Possess
8.6 Automatic image cutting Possess
8.7 Image accepted/rejected option Possess
8.8 Image rotation/acoustic , annotation text/figure Possess
8.9 Printing list management Possess
8.10 Patient data protection Possess
8.11 Image zooming and roaming function Possess
8.12 Image brightness, contrast adjustment Possess



CCD DDR Detector 139um Pixel Digital X Ray Machine BTF-50 4

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