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Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B

Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B

  • Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B
  • Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, P.R.C.
Brand Name: Basda Medical
Certification: CE, ISO13485
Model Number: BTR-650B
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 Work Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300 Machines per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Function: Diverse Gantry: Floor Mounted
LCD Dimensions: ≥19 Focal Spot: 0.6mm/1.2mm
Anode Heat Storage Capacity: 300kHU Service: Customer First
High Light:

65kW DR X Ray Machine


800mA DR X Ray Machine


800mA whole body x ray machine

Product Description



Digital X-Ray flat panel detector


Acquisition and processing workstation


Fully automatic tracking and positioning


Intelligent control


Advanced image processing software


AEC function and DAP function



2) BTR-650B Product Introduction
1. System Overview
BTR-650B adopts a wide range of automatic and intelligent ergonomic design, and the most classic double-column mechanical structure.
In addition to the clinical application, advanced intelligent technology and meticulous details have been incorporated into the design of the radiologist's department.
The machine is equipped with a powerful high voltage generator with a maximum output power of 65kW.
The machine is equipped with a powerful high-voltage generator with a maximum output power of 65kW, stable waveform, low patient dose, low exposure time, and high power consumption.
Short, high precision and repeatability.
The overall structure of light and beautiful, mini console keys easy to identify, the use of simple and easy to operate, all operational functions, display and control of the All have been properly arranged for easy operation and identification.
There is an ionization chamber control for automatic exposure photography to maintain consistent image brightness.
Controlled by multiple microprocessors, it greatly improves exposure repeatability and operational efficiency, and extends the life of the tube.
The high voltage generator employs a high-level self-diagnostic procedure, making equipment maintenance easy and reducing maintenance time.
2. Intelligent Mechanical Design
The mechanical structure of BTR-650B adopts the concept of fully intelligent design, which can expose all parts of the human body, such as head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and soft tissues.
The whole range of the machine adopts the electric control design, which is very labor-saving and greatly reduces the workload of the radiographer.
Under the laser indication positioning, the lying patient only needs to move the tube, and the FPD can automatically track the movement of the tube (some models).
Greatly facilitates quick positioning, especially for lumbar patients.
The tube support arm can be rotated 360° for off-bed photography with a moving FPD.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 0
The electric detector movement makes it easy to operate (some models).
Full Feature In-Room Console
Selecting the location for photography
Tube height
Detector height
Angle of column rotation
mAs value
mA value
kV value
mAs value
AEC (automatic exposure control)
Density value
Selection of large and small focus points
Exposure Icon
Detailed information about thermal capacity
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 1
Simple design exposure console
HV on
HV ready
HV off
Exposure ready
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 2Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 3
3. Advanced FPD
The full digital detector is a high-performance, full-plate design that overcomes the surface dead zones and pixel shifts that occur when splicing panels together to form line crossings.
No stitching, no artifacts, good stability, long life, good uniformity of image performance, high DQE, fast refresh speed. Ultra-high-speed image acquisition, from exposure to preview in just seconds, presents the best image at the first time and improves the overall work efficiency.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 4
  Full-plate design Patchwork plate design
Image quality
1. High fidelity
2. Good image uniformity and stability
1. With "dead zone" come from interpolation calculation
2. Poor image uniformity, poor stability
Imaging speed Fast Slow
Life >10 years <10 years


Integrated design of wireless plate and battery (some models), no need to remove the battery, reducing the workload of technicians. The whole board is lighter in weight and stronger in structure, with anti-collision and anti-drop protection design to reduce damage.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 5
4. AEC
Air Ionization Chamber is a detector that uses the ionization effect of ionizing radiation to measure the ionizing radiation to achieve automatic exposure control. The function. The ionization chamber is divided into three advantageous areas of multiple choice according to the characteristics of the human body.
The software will preset different advantageous zone combinations on the operation panel of the high voltage generator according to different parts of the film, so there is no need to select them manually.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 6
5. Ergonomic Software Design
Independent technician accounts: the system can assign a separate account to each operator technician, each of which can store their unique usage habits. Including exposure data, sending and printing habits, etc., technicians do not interfere with each other.
Graphic design APR, objective and clear.
The software includes modules for patient management, image acquisition, image post-processing, film printing, remote support, etc., which can be used for multiple purposes and effectively save costs for the hospital.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 7
Image data can be taken and used on traditional media such as CDs, DVDs, portable hard drives, etc., or can be generated in common PC formats such as DICOM protocol supports PACS or RIS, facilitating efficient data management, printing, and other functions., archiving, etc.
6. Thoughtful Detailing
The system can be configured with a two-way intercom system, which is conducive to real-time communication between technician and patients, and can achieve the recording and playback of different dialects, avoiding the technician repeatedly shouting.
7. Rich Preset Low-Dose Exposure Parameters
The system provides a large number of pre-set exposure parameters, which can be used directly without additional settings, and each group of exposure parameters can be selected as Fat, Medium, or Thin Infant, dramatically improve efficiency while reducing patient radiation and easily obtaining optimal radiation dose -Image quality relationship. With the easy-to-use collimator, it is easy to obtain high quality exposure images.
Light on/off
Collimator rotation
Laser light
8. One-stop Clinical Software Package
The system is equipped with a wealth of image processing functions and management software, including a variety of advanced processing functions to optimize the captured images. the features include the following.
Patient Management: include simple, advanced or custom data query method; Dicom standard image CD burning for viewing on any standard image workstation; historical image data query and management; disk space detection for automatic cleaning of old examination data; Dicom sending of images, and seamless connection to hospital PACS.
Software-controlled exposure parameters. Manual/automatic/preset window widths, local widths; image negative/positive, image flip, image rotation, image zoom and Roaming; image information addition; image line, angle, polygon and other measurement tools; organizational equalization, image contrast enhancement, pixels Dose Optimization; Edge Enhancement: Automatically recognizes and analyzes images to enhance image edge sharpness; Image Post-Processing 1:1 Preview: In-doing When image optimized it enables doctors to diagnose more visually.
Dynamic Range Optimization: include Automatic compression of the original image dynamic curve; high-frequency image enhancement; enhance image contrast, improve the resolution of details, significantly improve the image of bone trabeculae and other images; noise suppression: automatic filtering of cross-frequency signals, significantly reduce image noise and improve the image signal-to-noise ratio.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 8
Film printing: include film properties, image layout, print method settings; Patient information and display location customization; support for queue management; support for print priority settings.
9. Unique Post-Processing Optimization Techniques
Unique post-processing optimization technique spatially fills the original image captured by the detector, improving data integrity makes the edges of the tissues sharper, the tissue hierarchy better, the structure is clearer and the image uniformity is more consistent.
Taking the region of complex bony structures as an example, the pre-optimization (left) and post-optimization (right) results are shown below.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 9
10. Automatic Background Recognition Removal Technology
The software automatically identifies and removes artifacts and grids outside the anatomical structures of various parts of the human body, maximizing effective tissue contrast and resolution. The images quality are shown below.
11. Optimized Full Spinal Stitching Function
Self-developed algorithm and technology, can easily complete the seamless stitching of the whole spine imaging, overcoming the inconsistent gray and dark contrast of the traditional stitching image. The image quality is shown below.
Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 10
After-Sale Service
1) We will keep the customers updated with the preparation status of the goods as well as the necessary information for site preparation to help the customers on grounding, power distribution, etc.
2) Make installation, adjustment and training plan per goods arrival status and site preparation status.
3) After the arrival of goods, we will provide free installation, adjustment and training, as well as installation, operation and maintenance documents.
4) One-year full warranty, lifetime maintenance. Free maintenance/change of spare parts is available within warranty.
5) For goods out of warranty, we provide lifetime maintenance and spare parts at favorable price. Free software upgrade is provided within its lifetime.

Full Body 300kHU 800mA 65kW DR X Ray Machine BTR-650B 11


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