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Strong Gradient Superconducting 120 Liter 0.7T Open MRI Machine BSTAR-070

Strong Gradient Superconducting 120 Liter 0.7T Open MRI Machine BSTAR-070

Strong Gradient Superconducting 120 Liter 0.7T Open MRI Machine BSTAR-070
Strong Gradient Superconducting 120 Liter 0.7T Open MRI Machine BSTAR-070
Strong Gradient Superconducting 120 Liter 0.7T Open MRI Machine BSTAR-070
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, P.R.C.
Brand Name: Basda Medical
Certification: CE, ISO13485
Model Number: Bstar-070
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 30-45 Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 Machines per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Type Of Magnet: Superconducting Maximum Liquid Helium: 120 Liter
Magnet: 0.7T Open Technology: Self Shielding
Megnet Vertical Gap: 46 Cm Maximum Patient Weight: 200 Kg
High Light:

0.7T Open MRI Machine


120 Liter Open MRI Machine


0.7T mri scan open machine

BSTAR-070 open type superconducting MRI 0.7T good image quality less consumption dual column strong gradient

Evolution Compared To Conventional Permanent Magnet MRI:


In the magnet structure, Bstar-070 uses liquid helium get the superconductive environment, and equipped by multiple Helmholtz superconducting coil charging with current to generate the magnetic field, the magnetic field strength is 0.7T.


The Helmholtz coil is made of a number of same radius coil, the coils are coaxial concatenated placed. The coil array can generate up to dozens tesla's magnetic field. 






Special Characteristic of This Product:
A, very large open space;
B, very good magnet stability without the interference of magnet temperature.
C, very good magnet field homogeneity.
D, Liquid helium only 120L, much better than any 1.5T MRI system.
E, 46cm magnet gap, even better than permanent MRI system.
F, perfectly support the MRI intervention operations.
Rich coil configuration
The Receiver coil, together with parallel acquisition technology, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and image quality. The customer can choose according to the clinical needs (specific configuration of the coil number and types will be subject to final contract).
head coil
neck coil
body coil(s)
body coil(soft)
knee coil
breast coil
body coil(L)
shoulder coil
ankle coil
wrist coil




E-alarm technology


At the same time, in Bstar-070 configuration there is a special monitoring system, it is simple and easy to operate, it can real-time monitoring the magnet internal pressure, temperature and liquid helium level, if the magnet condition is abnormal, the monitoring system can automatically send alarm information to the user's phone, it can greatly reduce the risk of magnet quenches.



Interactive systems


Bstar-070 provide comprehensive scan kit and scanning sequence, with rich clinical application of the full body, with a full range of scan plan, assist the customer’s clinical diagnosis. Advanced scanning sequence are provided as well as all routine scan, the system also can take vascular imaging, MRU/MRCP/MRM imaging, DWI imaging and other advanced imaging sequences. Rich post-processing software can optimize images in case necessary to help in complex diseases diagnosis.





No. Item Specification
1 Magnet System  
1.1 Magnet type Superconductive, open type
1.2 Field strength 0.7T
1.3 Magnet shape Dual post
1.4 Homogeneity (DSV, VRMS) ≤5ppm
1.5 Magnet stability ≤1ppm/h
1.6 Shimming method and type Passive/active/dynamic
1.7 Total capacity of liquid helium (100% liquid helium full filled) ≤120L
1.8 Liquid helium “ zero” consumption technology Yes
1.9 Cold head Sumitomo from Japan, Air cooling helium compressor
1.10 Magnet gap 460mm
1.11 Magnet open rate 280°
1.12 5 Gauss fringe field(X,Y,Z axis) ≤4.5m,4.5m,4.5m
2 Gradient System  
2.1 Maximum gradient field (single axis, invalid) 22.5mT/m
2.2 Maximum gradient slew rate(single axis, invalid) 75mT/m/ms
2.3 Minimum gradient rise time ≤0.3ms
2.4 Gradient cooling system Air cooling
3 RF System  
3.1 Spectrum meter Full digital
3.2 RF channel type Full digital transmit and receive
3.3 RF channels 4
3.4 Max RF amplifier power ≥5kW
3.5 Receiver bandwidth 1.25MHz
3.6 Receiver coil Multi-channel phased array
3.7 Head coil Available to config
3.8 Neck coil Available to config
3.9 Body coil (Small) Available to config
3.10 Body coil (Soft) Available to config
3.11 Knee coil Available to config
3.12 Ankle coil Available to config
3.13 Shoulder coil Available to config
3.14 Body coil (Large) Available to config
3.15 Breast coil Available to config
3.16 Joint analysis coil Available to config
3.17 Wrist coil Available to config
  Remark: The coil configuration is subject to the final contract
4 Scan environment  
4.1 Patient table Yes
4.2 Maximum patient weight 200kg
4.3 Localizer Yes
4.4 Position accuracy 1mm
4.5 Table control system on both side of rack Yes
4.6 Position accessories Yes
4.7 ICE stop key Yes
4.8 Calling system Yes
5 Computer system  
5.1 MRI software BASDA
5.2 IPC Yes
5.3 OS Windows 7
5.4 CPU ≥2.8GHz双核
5.5 RAM ≥2.0GB
5.6 Monitor 24” LCD TFT
5.7 Mouse and keyboard Standard
5.8 Image reconstruction speed(256 x 256) 1500FPS
5.9 HDD ≥500GB
5.10 HDD storage(256 x 256) ≥2,650,000
5.11 Storage type DVD
5.12 DICOM 3.0 Yes
5.13 Ethernet Yes
5.14 System monitor Multi-parameter
5.15 Monitor parameter Pressure, temp, liquid level
6 Scanning parameter  
6.1 Max. FOV 450mm
6.2 Min. FOV 20mm
6.3 Min. 2D slice thickness 1.0mm
6.4 Min. 3D slice thickness 0.1mm
6.5 Max. imaging matrix 1024x1024
7 Sequence and technology  
7.1 Spin-echo sequence Yes
7.1.1 FSE Yes
7.1.2 FSE sharing technology Yes
7.2 IR sequence Yes
7.2.1 FIR Yes
7.2.2 FLAIR Yes
7.2.3 T1-FLAIR Yes
7.2.4 Water-fat Separation Yes
7.2.5 STIR Yes
7.3 MRA(2D/3D TOF) Yes
7.3.1 MRCP Yes
7.3.2 MRUR Yes
7.3.3 MRM Yes
7.3.4 Ultra-fast water imaging technology Yes
7.4 GRE 2D/3D Yes
7.4.1 Fast GRE Yes
7.5 DWI Yes
7.5.1 Max. b value(s/mm2) 1000
7.6 Section scanning technology Yes
7.7 Pre-saturation Yes
7.8 Pre-saturation field adjustment Yes
7.9 MIP Yes
7.10 MinIP Yes
7.11 3D Reconstruction Yes
7.12 Anti-movement scanning technology Yes
7.13 Metal implant imaging Yes
7.14 Online filter Yes
7.15 Online post processing Yes
7.16 3D scout Yes
7.17 Scanning parameter preset Yes
7.18 Queue scanning technology Yes
7.19 RF de-phase technology Yes
7.20 Image fusion technology Yes
7.21 Eddy current adaptive correction Yes
7.22 Gradient linearity correction Yes
7.23 Multi-echo phase correction Yes
7.24 Rapid automatic correction technology Yes
7.25 Automatic frequency tracking technology Yes
7.26 Automatic coil recognition technology Yes
7.27 Echo navigation technology Yes
7.28 RF balance drive technology Yes
7.29 Gradient de-phase technology Yes
7.30 Respiratory compensation Yes
7.31 Elimination of magnetic sensitive artifact Yes

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