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4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S

4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S

4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S
4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: NMPA
Model Number: BTH-300S
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit/wooden box
Delivery Time: 8 Work Days
Payment Terms: Credit card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100 Units Per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Color: White Type: Cartbase
TouchScreen: Yes Standard Probe: Convex And Linear
Array Element Of Probe: 128 Array Element Package: Wooden Box
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4 Sockets 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine


4 Sockets 4d ultrasound machine


Large Touch Screen Medical Ultrasound Machine

BTH-300S Color Doppler Ultrasound doppler spectrum 4 sockets 4D Large touch screen

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BTH-300S specifications

1 System overview:
   1.1 Technical specifications:
     1.1.1 1-25MHz High frequency system
     1.1.2 Full digital broadband beam former
     1.1.3 Digital high resolution B imaging
     1.1.4 Color Doppler imaging
     1.1.5 Power Doppler imaging
     1.1.6 Direction power imaging
     1.1.7 Gray-scale M Imaging
     1.1.8 Color M Imaging
     1.1.9 Pulsed doppler imaging
     1.1.10 Continuous doppler imaging
     1.1.11 Tissue doppler Imaging
     1.1.12 Tissue velocity Imaging
     1.1.13 Tissue velocity Imaging by M mode displaying
     1.1.14 Two and three synchronization image display
     1.1.15 B and color display in real time
     1.1.16 Tissue harmonic imaging, reverse harmonic imaging
     1.1.17 Spatial compound imaging technology
     1.1.18 Speckle noise suppression technology
     1.1.19 Trapezium imaging
     1.1.20 B/CF/PW independent deflection
     1.1.21 Grayscale inversion mode
     1.1.22 One-click Automatic optimization
     1.1.23 Zoom to full screen
     1.1.24 Real-time local zoom
     1.1.25 Focus ≥ 8
     1.1.26 Dynamic range: 30dB~280dB, step by 2dB
     1.1.27 High quality three dimensional / four dimensional imaging
     1.1.28 Ultrasonic tomography
     1.1.29 Render mode: maximum, minimum, X mode, smoothing mode, surface mode
     1.1.30 Arbitrary removal of editing (Magic cut )
     1.1.31 Optional volume ultrasound tomography
     1.1.32 Optional panoramic imaging
     1.1.33 Optional full range M
     1.1.34 Optional ECG
     1.1.35 Optional Elastography
     1.1.36 Optional ultrasound teaching instruction function, including anatomy diagram, scanning techniques, standard ultrasound image, scan method description
4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S 0
   1.2 37 parameter adjustment for playback image
     1.2.1 2D and M Mode 15 parameters: gain, dynamic range, TGC, reversal, filtering, automatic tissue optimization, rotate, flip vertical, grayscale maps, pseudo color, frames on average, spatial smoothing, spot removal, edge enhancement, M speed
     1.2.2 CFM mode 8 parameters: color auto optimization, baseline, color conversion, color map, color threshold adjustment, flash color restrain, space smooth, color M speed adjustment
     1.2.3 PW Mode 14 parameters: gain, baseline, angle correction, angle fast adjustment, frequency spectrum reversed, display format, refresh rate, inhibition, gray-scale map, pseudo color, dynamic range,frequency spectrum auto optimization, automatic tracking, sensitivity tracking


   1.3 Measurement and analysis
     1.3.1 General measurements
     1.3.2 Vessel measurement package
     1.3.3 Heart measurement package
     1.3.4 Gynecological measurement package
     1.3.5 Urological measurement package
     1.3.6 Kidney measurement package
     1.3.7 Measurement and analysis of doppler blood flow
     1.3.8 Obstetric measurements and fetal growth curve table
     1.3.9 Intelligent three-dimensional volume measurement
     1.3.10 User-defined measurement
     1.3.11 Real-time tracking and measurement of doppler spectrum
     1.3.12 Automatic measurement of intima-media thickness(Auto IMT)
     1.3.13 Optional automatic neck-transparent layer thickness measurement (Auto NT)

   1.4 Integrated image storage (film) playback to reproduce and record management components:
     1.4.1 Ultrasound image static and dynamic storage, playback to reproduce the original data
     1.4.2 Images can be stored as PC Compatible formats
     1.4.3 Medical records management components include: patient data, reports, images, stored, modified, retrieved, and printing

     1.5 Support external workstation connection
4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S 1
2 Technical parameters and requirements:
   2.1 System General features:
     2.1.1 Display: ≥ 21 inch high resolution global color LED Display, can move updown left right
     2.1.2 Touch screen: ≥ 13 inch high sensitivity capacitive touch panel
     2.1.3 Probe connector: ≥ 4 activated no-pin type probe connector
     2.1.4 Dedicated storage tank for endocavity probe
     2.1.5 Heater coupling agent
     2.1.6 The operations console can be up and down, left and right

   2.2 Input / Output interfaces:
     2.2.1 Network interface
     2.2.2 Video output: DVI , S-video
     2.2.3 USB Interface: ≥ 4

   2.3 Image management and recording devices:
     2.3.1 Hard drive capacity: ≥ 1T
     2.3.2 Integration DVD
     2.3.3 Support DICOM 3.0
     2.3.4 Support one key fast store to U Disk, mobile hard disk
     2.3.5 Support black/white and color video printer, and quick print function

   2.4 Probe specifications:
     2.4.1 Probe types: convex, linear, phased array, endocavity, volume
     2.4.2 Linear array probe elements ≥ 192
     2.4.3 Probe frequency on display, adjust on touch-screen
     2.4.4 Probe frequency ≥ 4
4 Sockets Large Touch Screen 3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Color Ultrasound 4D Medical Ultrasound Machine BTH-300S 2
   2.5 B image parameters:
     2.5.1 Probe frequency range ( 2.0-16.0MHz )
       Convex array probe 2.0-5.5MHz, harmonic frequency 4.0-6.5MHz
       Phased array probe 2.0-3.5MHz, harmonic frequency 2.8-5.0MHz
       Linear array probe 6.0-12.0MHz, harmonic frequency 8.0-16MHz
       Endocavity probe 5.0-10.0MHz, harmonic frequency 6.5-11MHz
       Volume probe 3.0-5.5MHz, harmonic frequency 4.0-6.0MHz
     2.5.2 Scanning rate
       Phased array probe: depth 18cm, full-field scan frame rate ≥ 100 frame / s
       Convex array probe: depth 18cm, full-field scan frame rate ≥ 55 frame / s
     2.5.3 Scanning line: lines density per frame ≥ 512 ultrasound line
     2.5.4 Transmit beam focus: continuous focus
     2.5.5 Receive: parallel process multiple signal
     2.5.6 Grey scale ≥ 256
     2.5.7 Digital beam forming: digital dynamic focusing, digital variable aperture and dynamic speed, A/D ≥ 14 BIT
     2.5.8 Cine: gray-scale image playback ≥ 10000 picture, playback time ≥ 1000 s
     2.5.9 Preconditions: preinstall best parameter for different organs
     2.5.10 Gain adjustment: TGC ≥ 8
     2.5.11 Side gain compensation: ≥8
     2.5.12 Scan depth ≥ 36cm

   2.6 Spectral doppler imaging technique parameter:
     2.6.1 Support: PWD/CWD/HPRF
     2.6.2 Maximum speed:

       PWD Blood flow velocity 9 m/s
       CWD blood flow velocity 20 m/s
     2.6.3 Minimum speed ≤ 1 mm/s (Non-noise signal)
     2.6.4 Display mode: B, B/PWD, B/CW, B/HPRF, B/M, B/B, B/CFI/D
     2.6.5 Cine: ≥ 10000 frame
     2.6.6 Zero move: ≥ 12 class
     2.6.7 Sample width and location range: width 0.5–10mm
     2.6.8 Display control: reverse display ( left / right /up / down )

   2.7 Color doppler
     2.7.1 Display mode: power, velocity, three synchronization
     2.7.2 Display frame rate:
       Phased array probe: depth 18cm, full-field scan frame rate ≥ 24 Frame / s
       Convex array probe: depth 18cm, full-field scan frame rate ≥ 15 Frame / s
     2.7.3 Rotation angle: range of linear array: -20 ° ~ +20 °
     2.7.4 Display control: zero move ≥ 12 levels adjustable, B compare with color in real time
     2.7.5 Color enhancement: color doppler power image (CDE) , direction power doppler image(DPDI)
     2.7.6 Color speed: minimum blood flow velocity ≤ 1cm /s (non-noise signal)

   2.8 Ultrasonic power output adjustment for B/M, CWD, PWD, Color doppler

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