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Cancer Treatment Tumor Therapy Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine BLA-600C

Cancer Treatment Tumor Therapy Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine BLA-600C

Cancer Treatment Tumor Therapy Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine BLA-600C
Cancer Treatment Tumor Therapy Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine BLA-600C
Cancer Treatment Tumor Therapy Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine BLA-600C
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BASDA
Certification: ISO9001, ISO13485
Model Number: BLA-600C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden Packages
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2 Sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Radiation Ray: X-Ray Application: Cancer Treatment
Shielding: Yes Beam: Shaped
Max. Dose: ≥400MU/min Min. Dose: 50 MU/min
Radiation Field Range: 0.5cm×0.5cm To 40cm×40cm Gantry Rotation Range: 0 To 360 Degree
High Light:

6M Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine


No Leak Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine


BASDA Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine


6M Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Machine



BASDA is one of the first manufacturers who have developed linear accelerator in China.





• Flexible radiation field 0.5cm×0.5cm - 40cm×40cm enable the doctors to make the confident treatment plan

• Wide radiation head rotation range: 0°~270°, very convenient for the patient positioning

• Fast conformation multi-leaf collimator (optional configuration), get a precision conformal therapy with ease

• High precision FPD (optional configuration) helps the placement validation for the treatment


• Maximum dose rate ≥400MU/min provides powerful cancer treatment effect

• Gantry rotation range 0°~360°, suitable for full body treatment

• Ergonomic NTD design with 100cm distance

• Strong power: provides X ray with 6MV energy




Precise and flexible patient table:


  • Up-down:≥800mm
  • Portrait:≥1100mm
  • Landscape:≥±240mm


High adaptability design:


  • The maximum depth of the absorbed dose: 1.5cm;
  • Penetrating radiation field: 14.9cm;
  • Suitable for different patient body size.


Multi-mode design, easy to use:


•Standby mode
•Treatment mode
•Position mode


Multi-functional treatment procedure, the doctor can use the system with very simple training:

Simulation positioning with CT or simulation system.

Patient position with the treatment plan.

Parameter setting with the treatment plan.

Start the beam treatment.



BLA-600C Configuration


  Item Description Specification
1.1 Model   BLA-600C
1.2 Power source   magnetron
1.3 Electron gun Two stage controllable grid-shaped electron gun, which can be controlled by the computer, can rapidly and accurately change the output dose, open and completely close the output of the ray description, to ensure the high vacuum of the accelerating tube≤10-7 yes
1.4 Computer controlled structure The accelerator system is computerized, fully digitized, and available for free software upgrades. It have clinical application mode, special treatment mode, photographic mode, physical mode and maintenance mode. yes
1.5 Beam stability time The time from RAD ON signal to beam stabilization is less than 0.3 seconds, after which beam uniformity, symmetry and dose linearity can meet the technical standard requirements. yes
1.6 Indoor data display A data display with a large screen is installed in the treatment room. Treatment time displays all treatment parameters (including all mechanical position data, gamma setting parameters). yes
1.7 Hand control box Equipped with manual control box, can control the frame, field, treatment bed and other mechanical movement, with adjustable speed function, to ensure that in a very short time, the operating accelerator frame rotation in place. yes
1.8 Digital operation input Input values by keyboard and manual box, and the moving parts of the machine will automatically move to the input values. yes
1.9 Maintenance mode software password   provide
1.10 Gantry type   bearing
1.11 Acceleration tube drive principle   Standing wave
1.12 Energy switching between X-ray and electron Fully automatic control without any mechanical parts X-ray
1.13 Acceleration tube warranty The scope of warranty includes acceleration tube, electron gun, magnetic deflection system and ray egress window 3 years
1.14 Magnetron guaranteed time   3 years
1.15 Automatic fault detection and prompt function Omni-directional computer fault automatic detection and prompt function yes
1.16 Water cooling system Internal and external circulating water cooling system yes
2 X-ray beam characteristics    
2.1 X-ray energy   6MV
2.2 X - ray maximum dose built depth   TSD=100cm,10cm×10cm field: 1.5±0.2cm;
2.3 X ray percentage depth dose   TSD=100cm,10cm×10cm field, @10cm under water, @6MV: 67%±2.0%
2.4 X-ray field size Size of projection field on the center plane: 0cm×0cm to 40cm×40cm(SSD=100cm) yes
2.5 X - ray flatness (TAD=100 cm,10 cm×10 cm to 40 cm×40 cm @80%, @10cm under water) ≤1.06
2.6 X ray symmetry (TAD=100 cm,10 cm×10 cm至40 cm×40 cm@80%, @10cm under water) ≤1.03
2.7 Dose rate    
2.7.1 6MV dose rate   ≥300MU/min
2.7.2 X-ray low dose rate mode Low dose rate mode ≤50MU/min is provided yes
2.8 Ray transmission dose of collimator <0.5% yes
2.9 Half image of projection field SAD=100cm,10cm×10cm field @ 10cm depth, distance between 20% to 80% isodose lines in the plane perpendicular to the center of the field ≤8mm
2.10 X-ray leakage Perpendicular to the axis of the field center and through the plane of the same center, the maximum radiation field, radius within two meters radiation ≤ 0.1%. yes
2.11 Consistency of light field and ray field   <±2mm
3 Rotational treatment model    
3.1 Maximum Angle dose rate   ≥6.5MU/degree
3.2 Minimum Angle dose rate   ≤0.5MU/degree
3.3 Frame rotation range and direction   ±180°
3.4 Monitoring accuracy of rotational therapeutic dose   ≤1MU
4 Accessories    
4.1 X-ray block system   120 piece leaf
4.2 Wedge filter plate    
4.2.1 Wedge Angle 4 wedge-shaped filter plates with wedge angles of 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees. yes
4.2.2 Wedge size SAD=100cm,max≥25cm×30cm(≤45°);≥20cm×30cm(≤60°). yes
4.3 Insert wedge plate   yes
5 Dose rate (isocentric)    
5.1 6MV max rate   ≥400MU/min
5.2 X-ray minimum dose rate   50 MU/min
5.3 Stability of X-ray dose rate In 2 minutes<±3% yes
6 Specific treatment model    
6.1 Wedge filter plate 4 wedge-shaped filter plates are provided, including 15,30,45,60 degrees yes
6.2 Wedge-shaped field size

15°,30°,45°: 25cm×30cm ;

60°: 20cm×30cm

7 Dose monitoring system    
7.1 Ionization chamber structure Two dose monitoring systems and one timing system yes
7.2 Structural characteristics of dosimeter The ionization chamber is vacuum sealed, which is not affected by the external temperature and pressure yes
7.3 Dose linearity From 1MU to 1000MU≤1% yes
7.4 Equipment safety linkage system With high dose rate, X-ray mode, collision, door, radiation tube, wedge filter and other system safety linkage automatic devices, when any of the events in the list occurs, the accelerator can immediately automatically shut off the output of the ray beam yes
7.5 Safe linkage of ray symmetry If the longitudinal and transverse symmetry parameters of the ray exceed the following values, the linkage is started: longitudinal and transverse symmetry>2% yes
7.6 Automatic archiving function When any of the events listed in the equipment safety chain system occurs, the accelerator automatically shuts off the output of the ray beam and automatically stores MU hop number, frame rotation Angle, irradiation time and other treatment parameters. The above parameters also be stored automatically in the event of a power outage of any kind yes
7.7 Counting the number of machine hops MU   4
8 Machine parameters and control system    
8.1 Machine rotation range and accuracy ±180° yes
8.2 Rotation range and precision of collimator system ±180° yes
8.3 Independent collimator Equipped with a pair of independently movable collimators with a motion range of -10cm to 20cm yes
8.4 Digital input during mechanical motion operation type   keyboard
8.5 TAD distance   100±0.2cm
8.6 Equal center accuracy ≤±1mm radius sphere 1-1.5mm
8.7 Equal center height   1350mm
8.8 Mechanical front pointer Equipped with a set of mechanical front pointer for measuring and calibrating the central precision, the front pointer range: 90cm to 110cm yes
8.9 Measuring range and precision of optical distance scale From 75cm to 130cm, accuracy ≤2mm yes
9 Treatment bed    
9.1 Structure type Hydraulic double shear ZXT treatment bed, stable operation, low noise, IEC coordinate protocol yes
9.2 Motion control Provide electric control and manual control yes
9.3 Vertical range From 65cm to 175cm, the error is ≤±0.2cm, and the lowest distance is 65cm from the ground yes
9.4 Back-and-forth range ≥90cm, error≤±0.2cm yes
9.5 Left-and-right range ≥50cm, error≤±0.2cm yes
9.6 The isocentric rotation range of the treatment bed   ≥±95°
10 Linear accelerator is compatible with analog positioning machine and TPS   yes
11 Provide product planning guidance(PPGS) Pre-drawing, precise drawing, technical requirements for machinery, water and electricity, air conditioning, selection and configuration of water cooler, radiosurgery system installation instructions, perfect handling requirements yes
12 System upgrade Free upgrades are guaranteed yes
13 Ability to upgrade According to the development requirements of the hospital department, we can upgrade the built-in multi-leaf grating and the ability of intensity adjustment yes




The Reason Why You Should Choose Us


  • As a leading domestic medical technology and digital solutions innovator, Basda Medical was established since 2000. Located in Shenzhen, the frontier city of China’s “reform and opening up”, Basda Medical has emerged and developed as a national high-tech company focusing on R&D, production, trading, and services relating to medical imaging, digital solutions and radiotherapy products.


  • Basda Medical won numerous honors and was qualified as "National High-tech Enterprise", “Second Place of National Technology Invention", "Key Hi-tech Enterprise of State Torch Program", "First Place of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award", "Provincial High Field MRI System Engineering and Technology R&D Center", "Shenzhen Technology Innovation Award", “Intellectual Property Management System”, etc.. Furthermore, numerous technology innovation and projects gained financial support and partnering from major investment institutions, national and regional government.


  • With a decades-long track record of delivering high quality, high-tech products and excellent service, our markets cover all domestic provinces and more than 40 countries and regions globally ranging from Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, to Asia.


Market activity


  • System performance and quality are well proved overseas.


Market share
  • BASDA products are exported to 30+ countries and regions including Europe, Africa, Latin America, Mid East and South east Asia

  • 3000+ customers worldwide


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